verb: boost; 3rd person present: boosts; past tense: boosted


1. help or encourage to increase or improve.
    "a range of measures to boost product or brand awareness"
    "they used advertising to boost sales"


2. push from below; assist.

  1. "branding our cars gave us a boost in reaching our target audience"



improve, raise, uplift, increase, enhance, encourage, heighten,promote, foster, stimulate, invigorate, revitalize, escalate, strengthen, inflate, push up, advance, maximize, facilitate, assist, jump-start



noun: boost; plural noun: boosts


1. a source of help or encouragement leading to increase or improvement."the printing and distributing of flyers will further boost sales"



uplift, lift, spur, encouragement, help, inspiration, stimulus, pick-me-up
"a boost to business exposure"
an increase or improvement.
"a boost in exports"


increase, expansion, upturn, upsurge, upswing, rise, escalation,
improvement, advance, growth, boom, hike, jump, aid, bump up
"a boost in sales”

Although Boost was only established late 2014, collectively the team have been manufacturing, installing, designing for and servicing businesses for more than 10 years. With all this accumulated knowledge, experience and know-how, we are confident in our ability to meet your needs and your deadline.


When you partner with Boost Printing Solutions, you are teaming up with some of the most talented people in the business. We care about the quality of our work, but more importantly, we care about your success and the opportunities behind every project.


It’s this commitment to the customer experience that sets us apart from our competition and allows us to do what we love. We know the business and creating effective, eye-catching displays is our passion. Indoor or outdoor, lighted, painted, printed, vinyl or paper, we do it all. With a very quick turn around time, attention to detail and a desire to impress, make your brand stand out from the rest. So contact us today and let us update your image.


Give your brand a boost!


Our Team

Of Awesome

Sonja, experienced designer and signmaker. With studies in the field of graphic design,lithography, screen printing and photography. She is a valuable and reliable asset to our team.

Udo, our team manager and signage solutions guru, runs everything in front of and behind the scenes. Years of industry experience and strong client relationships.

Monay, our admin and finance guru. The ‘other’ face of the company, with impeccable manners, insight and all round know how, she keeps everyone on the ball.

Annika, Our trendy up - and - coming designer. Having studied Multimedia design, her insights are modern and follow the latest trends. In charge of all in house branding for big companies like Seeff, Ontap, Finishing Touches and Union Tiles.


in house printing.

We print all manner of stickers, labels, vinyl decals, license disks through to rear window stickers. But we do not stop there with the small stuff. We specialize in branding vehicles as well as bikes and even bicycles, whether it is subtle branding or a full wrap. Also, let’s not forget your business’ windows, the ‘blank canvas’ just waiting for a splash of colour.


Need something for your walls? We do wallpaper, too. And for that beautiful landscape photo, we print and block any size of canvas from A5 size through to A0. 

paper printing services.

Are you in need of a pocket-sized flyer or is it an A0 architecture plan you are in need of printing? No problem!


We print sizes up to A0 and, well, down to any size you like. Be it invitations, flyers, posters, brochures, business cards or pamphlets, you can print it all at Boost Printing Solutions. Small booklets as well as raffle tickets are also now available for printing. Please state your paper need and we will assist.

in house manufacturing.

We manufacture all manner of signage, from big to small, from car magnets to light boxes and large billboards. Using a variety of materials, from corryx to printable magnet, we can create the product or sign that perfectly suits your needs. Need something more specific, such as mirror hangers, desk plates or domed decals? Come speak to us and we will find a way to make what you are looking for a possibility.

supply via outsourcing.

We have access to a large variety of products we out source to tried and trusted suppliers. From flags and gazebos to corporate gifts and stationery. We supply Parrot products, routed signs, A-frames, sign writing, snap-frames and so much more. Ask us for catalogues regarding all corporate gifts and flags etc.

in house design.

They say design is the silent ambassador of your brand. We here at Boost understand and respect that, and our team of talented designers treat every design for you, the client, as if it was that of our own business.


Come to us to give your new business the look your desire, or have us update your existing logo for a more modern look.  Or perhaps you have a birthday coming up? From corporate identities to invitations, and from vehicle branding to letterheads, we do it all.

professional services.

On top of all the great services we offer you can look forward to warm and open professionalism from our staff. With trusted connections and sister company services you are ensured a top notch product. If we can’t create what you are looking for we will find a solution for you, even if it means sending you to our competitors.


Labels. Sandblast. Wallpaper. License Disks. Pull up Banners. Canvas Prints. Bike Branding. Vinyl Decals. PVC Banners. Large Format. Vehicle Branding. Window Branding. Rear Window Stickers. Truck & Fleet Branding

Menus. Flyers. Posters. Pamphlets. Gift Wrap. Programs. Brochures. Postcards. Lamination. Photocopies. Business Cards. Invitation Cards. Tickets & raffles. Architectural Plans. Construction Plans. Document Scanning

Design. Logos. Posters. Postcards. Billboards. Backdrops. CV Designs. Company CI. Letterheads. Tickets/raffles. Invitation Cards. Company Profiles. Pattern Design. Event Programs. Business Cards. Wedding Cards. Layout Proposals. Newspaper Adverts. Restaurant/ Function Menus

Abs. Signs. Dibond. Perspex . Correx . Magnets. Signage. Billboards. Lightboxes. Chromadek . Domed Decals. Name Badges. Estate Agent Boards

Pens. Flags. Gazebos. Snap-frames. Ring Binding. Sign Writing. Corporate Gifts. Gifts & Promotions. Routing & Laser Engraving

Corporate Gift Guide:

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